Bc Rich Ironbird

The BC Rich Ironbird is the oldest model in the Ironbird family, and has gained a lot of renown as a favourite among metal players. With its angular body and sharp dagger-like points, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular choice with these musicians.

The Ironbird is a top-quality guitar that features high output BDSM pickups. These pickups are made to produce a wide range of tones and are durable. They are also matched in pairs to create balanced tone. Whether you want to be loud, crisp, or smooth, the BDSM pickups will let you achieve the perfect tone.

The company started making electric guitars in the early 1970s, and gained widespread exposure through heavy metal in the 1980s. While high-end instruments were custom-made, lower-end models were made by a number of companies in Asia. In the 1990s, the company briefly switched hands, but in 2000 it was acquired by the Hanser Music Group, based in Hebron, Kentucky. From there, the brand was licensed to Praxis Musical, a company which continues to produce the Ironbird today.

Since its debut, BC Rich has released a variety of models, including a six-string version and a 12-string version of the Bich. Although all Bich models are hardtail models with through-body necks and two humbucking pickups, they differ in control details and finish.

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