Bc Rich Gunslinger

If you’re searching for a bolt-on shredder with a great blend of power and overdrive, the B.C. Rich Gunslinger is the one to go for. This shredder features a D Activator and DiMarzio Super Distortion Pickup in the bridge and neck positions, which deliver the perfect blend of power and overdrive.

The BC Rich Gunslinger is custom-built by “Grover Jackson” to suit the tastes of the most discerning guitarists. Its hardware includes Grover tuning machines, DiMarzio Super Distortion pickups, maple or rosewood fingerboards, and a German-made Original Floyd Rose tremolo.

The Gunslinger is available in two models, the Gunslinger II and Gunslinger Retro. These two models have nearly the same features and are a great choice for those who are new to shredding. The Gunslinger II and Gunslinger Legacy are two excellent options if you are just beginning your shredding career. Both of these models are great options for newer shredders who want a guitar that will keep up with their demands.

The Gunslinger II comes with two guitar cases. There is a BC Rich Model D Gig Bag and a Gunslinger II guitar case. Both cases are extremely durable and will protect your guitar from accidents while on the road. The Gunslinger II has an adjustable neck, and a telecaster bridge that can be locked into place.

The Gunslinger II features a maple neck with a Shredzilla 6-inline neck profile. It also features a dual-action truss rod, a 6-inline headstock, and 22 frets. The Gunslinger is also outfitted with a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tailpiece.

Unlike most guitars, the B.C. Rich Gunslinger is equipped with battery-powered active electronics. The electronics are designed by Neal Moser, who helped with many of the custom shop’s set-ups. This guitar comes in many shapes, including the Telecaster styled Blaster, which is made of bone, and the Harley-Davidson-styled Fat Bob with a body shaped like the gas tank.

In addition to the Gunslinger, BC Rich has produced a series of hand-built replicas of the Bich 10-string guitar. The original prototype, which is still owned by Megadeth bassist Dan Lawrence, was created by Moser and Sal Gonzales in 1978 and is now highly sought-after among BC Rich collectors.

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