Bc Rich Bronze Series

The B.C. Rich Bronze Series Warlock is a well-crafted electric guitar with a solid, durable wood body. It has a 25.5-inch scale, twenty-four jumbo frets, and a double cutaway. The ‘Mk7’ and ‘Mk11’ models have Floyd Rose whammy bridges. The other versions have simpler bridges and no tremolo.

The Bronze Series Warlock is a low-cost Warlock. The agathis body is a substitute wood for ash and mahogany in less expensive guitars. It also features a bolt-on neck and twenty-four-fret fingerboard, chrome-plated hardware, passive humbuckers, and a basic controls unit.

The B.C. Rich Warlock is a high-powered metal guitar that should appeal to metalheads. Its high-octane tone responds well to heavy distortion. The guitar’s neck-through design makes it a good choice for metal players. Its specs are competitive with its rivals.

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