Bahram Akradi Net Worth

Bahram Akradi Net Worth

Bahram Akradi is an American businessman and the founder of Life Time Inc. His estimated net worth is an estimated $2 billion and ranks as one of the wealthiest people worldwide.

Born in Tehran, Iran and arriving in America when he was 17 years old to live with his brother, Ali moved to Colorado where he began working in restaurants to cover expenses before starting university studies in electrical engineering at Colorado University.

College was spent working at an outpost of Nautilus Swim & Fitness (now U.S. Swim & Fitness) as its top salesman; at 22 he was elevated to an executive vice president position and became one-eighth partner of the company.

He spent much of his time studying customer service and marketing as well as demographic data to determine where new clubs would be established. It was his goal to construct clubs large enough that members could choose among various options available, including sports and spa facilities.

He opened his first club in July 1992 with the goal of selling 2,700 memberships that year; this goal was accomplished and more clubs opened later.

Soon, he was liquidating his personal assets to fund the business and gathering investors – among them Minneapolis businessman Wheelock Whitney and Sunfish Lake businessman John Driscoll from Sunfish Lake.

Though the company has expanded to 105 locations across 22 states and Canada, competition remains stiff. To differentiate themselves from their competition, they’re making sure their clubs offer more than just gym space by offering health screening technology, personalized training plans, and healthy food options in their gyms.

Life Time’s commitment to fostering healthier lifestyles has resulted in numerous changes at its locations, such as providing healthier food options at their cafes; publishing its monthly Experience Life magazine; and engaging members in “healthy life” programs like health screenings and personalized diet and exercise plans.

As CEO of Life Time, Akradi is an advocate for reforming America’s health care system through technology and other methods to better the lives of its users. He was also instrumental in developing an industry-leading corporate social responsibility program to help companies and organizations give back to local communities.

Life Time Fitness’ founder is still an unassuming man who takes his work seriously and prioritizes employee and customer well-being, and as a result has created one of the largest, most successful, and diverse health-club chains worldwide – Life Time.

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