B C Rich Ironbird

The B.C. Rich Ironbird is back with new high output BDSM pickups for enhanced sustain and sonic output. These pickups have been carefully designed to accurately reproduce a wide range of tones. They are also tested for individual tonal and output characteristics, and are matched in pairs for optimum sound balance.

The BC Rich Ironbird range features several models. The first model, the Legacy Series MK1, harkens back to the early ’80s heyday and features a stealthy all-black body, a single DiMarzio Super Distortion bridge humbucker, and a Floyd Rose/Kahler locking tremolo system. Other guitars in the Ironbird line include the Extreme Series MK1, which features vibrant burst finishes, active Fishman Fluence pickups, and 5-piece Maple/Wenge necks.

The B.C. Rich brand began manufacturing electric guitars in the 1970s and gained wide exposure with the popularity of heavy metal during the 1980s. The company’s high-end instruments were custom built by Ron Estrada, while its lower-end instruments were manufactured by various companies in Asia. In the 1990s, the company changed ownership a few times, and then was acquired by the Hanser Music Group based in Hebron, Kentucky. After the acquisition by Hanser, B.C. Rich’s guitars were licensed to Praxis Musical until their sale to a new owner in 2018.

Since the Bich was such a success, BC Rich went on to create six-string guitars based on the original design. Unlike many other guitars, the Bich’s design featured extra strings. The result was the creation of several six-string and twelve-string models. Although the Bich body design is similar in all models, the two Bich variants differ in their controls and finishes.

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