Austin Geidt Net Worth 2022

Austin Geidt Net Worth 2022

Austin Geidt has made her mark in the technology sector through her contributions to successful companies like Uber and Thumbtack, contributing her time, talent, and expertise. Due to this success her net worth is estimated at an estimated $5 Million as of 2022.

Austin was born and raised in a family focused on technology and entrepreneurship, developing an affinity for data-driven and automated technologies.

She completed her education in 2012 and proceeded to start a company specializing in technologies that would eventually make her famous within the tech industry. This resulted in increased net worth thanks to increased awareness within this particular area.

Uber hired her as an intern initially, under three CEOs: Travis Kalanick, Ryan Graves and Dara Khosrowshahi. Shortly thereafter she was made Head of Strategy for Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group.

In 2019, she had the honor of ringing the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange as Uber made history with one of the largest initial public offerings (IPO) ever. Uber stock skyrocketed to become worth over $50 billion at this momentous moment for ride-hailing app.

Geidt also played a critical role in Uber’s self-driving car technology development. She currently serves as head of strategy for their Advanced Technologies Group – responsible for designing autonomous cars.

She is widely acknowledged to be one of the premier Silicon Valley figures and often credited with helping drive the development of ride-hailing app Uber. From being an intern battling drug dependency to representing her company at stock exchange meetings – she has become an iconic figure within tech.

She was raised by two successful business people who instilled within her a strong sense of self-worth and work ethic that eventually propelled her towards pursuing a career in tech – becoming one of its leading figures along the way.

Although she struggled with drug addiction early on in life, she eventually managed to beat it and graduate from Berkeley at 25 years old. Subsequently she entered rehab, which helped her focus on her studies and achieve success within her career path.

She played an instrumental role in expanding Uber services globally; her efforts saw services reach more than 400 cities around the globe.

Since joining Uber in 2014, she has become a key member of their team, playing an instrumental role in improving its self-driving car technology and expanding to new markets.

In 2020, she announced her departure from Uber and would transition into other business roles. Her social media posts demonstrated how much she enjoyed life in San Francisco before beginning the next chapter of her career journey.

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