Aubrey Marcus Net Worth

Aubrey Marcus Net Worth – How Rich is He?

Aubrey Marcus is an award-winning American entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and podcaster. He founded Onnit, an over $28m supplement company.

Established in 2010, Onnit has quickly established itself as one of the premier providers of human performance products. Their flagship nootropic, Alpha Brain, helps enhance memory and focus. Additionally, Onnit offers Total Human, Earth Grown Nutrients and many more supplements.

Onnit has achieved such rapid expansion due to being founded upon natural health and wellbeing principles. All its products are free from artificial ingredients to guarantee superior quality for our clients.

This company enjoys an impressive presence on social media and is an integral component of the growing supplementation business. Their Instagram account boasts over 705,000 followers who use it to promote both themselves and their products.

He is an enthusiastic proponent of psychedelic medicine and regularly shares his personal experiences on his podcast. In the past he has even tried taking Ayahuasca (an extract of psychoactive plant materials).

Aubrey is an inspirational individual who has spent much of his life searching for their true self and practicing personal development. According to him, self-reflection and personal growth are the only methods which can truly change the world.

Aubrey is passionate about healthy lifestyles as an entrepreneur, believing that diet, exercise and mental wellbeing all play a crucial role in leading an emotionally and physically fulfilling existence. Additionally, meditation and mindfulness play a huge part of Aubrey’s practice.

He spends his free time watching fitness and workout videos as well as uploading motivational and inspirational ones onto his own YouTube channel.

Aubrey Marcus has amassed an estimated net worth of about $17 Million USD through hard work as an entrepreneur and through earning significant wealth during his career.

Aubrey Marcus has long been recognized for his expertise in health and fitness since childhood. A former member of the national weightlifting team, Aubrey now heads Onnit, a fitness and wellness company offering products designed to improve lives.

He is an in-demand podcaster, having been interviewed by major publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and The Tim Ferriss Show. His show allows for engaging conversations between some of the brightest minds from athletics, business and science.

His love of psychedelic medicine has inspired him to discuss ayahuasca, a psychoactive plant extract commonly used in Amazonian communities. Speaking to The Guardian about this subject matter, he noted how this substance had spiritual healing properties which can “open up your soul”.

Aubrey is both a fitness enthusiast and social media influencer, boasting a large following on his personal Instagram account for Onnit. Through these platforms, Aubrey promotes his product line.

He is an exceptionally passionate and inspirational entrepreneur. A true believer that anyone can attain greatness by working hard and exerting effort, he always has time for chats with his fans and is delighted when asked questions by them. He boasts a wonderful sense of humor.

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