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Arch Aplin III Net Worth – Buc-ees Convenience Stores

When you think of the name Buc-ees, you may be surprised to learn that the chain store has been in business since 1982. While it started out as a small roadside jam stand, the company has become an industry leader in the fast food and gas station arenas. With a slew of locations in four states, it’s hard not to recognize the company’s heft. In fact, last year the company brought in $275 million in revenue. The owners have taken advantage of lower interest rates to fatten margins, including with private-label merchandise.

Buc-ees has been in business for several decades, and is still headed by the original founders. Arch Aplin III and his partner Don Wasek are the names behind the brand. They’ve opened 30 sites, with more on the way. Not only do the company’s stores provide a convenient stop for shoppers, they have also created a cult-like following around the brand. As such, it’s unlikely that they’ll sell the company any time soon. Instead, they’re expanding to five more states.

Arch Aplin III first got into the convenience store game as a teenager in the early 1980s. He worked at a family-owned general mercantile store in Harrisonburg. This was a particularly gratifying experience for him because it gave him an opportunity to work with his father, who had a construction and home-building business of his own.

By his senior year, he was working in the family’s other venture. His dad was a builder, so Arch III figured out that the best way to get a feel for this line of work was to start helping him in the business. Eventually, he decided to open his own store. During the course of a few months, he purchased a piece of unused land near the intersection of Old Angleton Road and Texaco Boulevard.

Upon opening his first store, he splurged on the most expensive item, a logo designed as a riff on his childhood nickname. He also opted for the opulent model in this case, which consisted of a streamlined cash register, a large wall display, and a computerized system that helped manage inventory. For his efforts, Arch got a big thumbs up from his boss, who subsequently loaned him $250,000.

The Buc-ees logo has a storied history, and is the subject of a popular pop-up exhibit. At the time of its launch, the company boasted more than 1000 employees. It is now the largest operator of its type in the country. According to reports, the average pay is $13 to $15 an hour.

There’s no telling if Arch Aplin III’s net worth will keep him from staking out the next big thing in the world of convenience stores, but he’s done it once. After all, he built a surprisingly successful business, and the owners aren’t planning on letting it go to waste.

From its humble beginnings in the state of Texas, Buc-ees has expanded to nearly all of the southern states. In the future, it’s likely that this chain will continue to expand, as it has done over the past thirty years.

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