Anthony Raimondi Net Worth

Anthony Raimondi Net Worth

Anthony Raimondi is an American criminal and mobster born into organized crime. He has taken part in many mafia heists and murders; claims to be the nephew of Colombo crime family founder Lucky Luciano; claims he served during Vietnam war;

As of this writing, Anthony Raimondi currently has an estimated net worth of approximately $100 thousand. As an expert in criminal investigation and having vast knowledge about organized crime and its inner workings, Anthony has shared some of his experiences in both podcasts and television shows.

He boasts an extensive following across several social media platforms and is active in virtual entertainment as well. Specifically, his Instagram account shares content with over 4.8k fans while also using Facebook as an avenue to interact with them.

One of his podcast episodes discussed his encounter with Salvatore Granello, whom he claimed had worked with the Black Hand gangsters and eventually led him to shooting him dead 13 times in the head. Although many found this claim hard to believe, he maintained it was accurate as claimed.

He has spoken openly about his past with the Black Hand and how it differed from what we consider mafia today. He discusses some of the creative methods mobsters have found to dispose of bodies over the years and also mentioned how his father taught him how to deal with bullies at Catholic school without getting punished by nuns or going to jail.

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