Anthony Cumia Net Worth 2022

Anthony Cumia Net Worth 2022

Anthony Cumia is an iconic American Radio Host known for hosting numerous broadcast and radio shows worldwide. His international broadcast show is called ‘Opie and Anthony”, co-hosted with Gregg Hughes. Additionally, Anthony has had success as a comedian, appearing in various movies and video games playing numerous characters; fans cherish his entertaining work!

Anthony was born in New York City on 26 April 1961 to an Italian-American family and attended Elwood-John H Glenn High School, although he did not complete it due to a disability. Before beginning his entertainment career – as inspired by radio personalities Don Imus and Howard Stern – Anthony worked as an HVAC installation technician before creating his own show called Anthony on Air.

Cumia made his television debut on WAAF in 1995 and saw immense success when he joined Gregg Hughes to form the Opie and Anthony show in 1998. While initially popular, after an April Fools’ Day prank backfired the duo were fired from their gig and moved to WNEW where their show became even more successful.

Cumia and Hughes became so well-known with their show that in 2013, they signed an enormous $30 million deal with Sirius XM Radio to relaunch it as Opie with Jim Norton.

Anthony has not only hosted his own radio show but has also appeared in television and film productions, such as XFL gameday, Kennedy live and Tom Shillue’s red eye. Additionally he maintains a popular YouTube channel where he posts comedy videos featuring himself or fictional characters.

He is an outspoken proponent of gun rights and conservative values, boasting an active social media following that often refers to him as “The Real American”. Often known for making provocative statements on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, he’s frequently called out for making controversial remarks he sometimes regrets afterward. Although currently unmarried and with three children under three – having previously married Jennifer (they divorced in 2002), Jill Nicolini/Lobster Girl/model Melissa Stetten have all been women he’s been involved with during that time too!

He lives in Roslyn Heights, New York and owns an impressive collection of cars and motorcycles; his estimated net worth is an estimated $8 Million. His popularity within the US and worldwide continues to increase rapidly as fans enjoy his witty humor; to keep them engaged he regularly posts personal pictures on social media; in addition to this he hosts his own podcast which is popular within America; also, we hope he continues his successful career journey and visit our website if you wish to know more!

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