Ansul Regulator Replacement Assembly

ANSUL regulators should be tested on a regular basis, preferably at least once a year. In addition to testing a regulator once a year, a regulator should be closed before it is maintained to prevent accidental discharge of the agent. It should also be checked for corrosion or damage.

When preparing for a regulator test, the Ansul(r) R102 System Manual contains instructions for connecting the regulator test kit to the regulator. The manual also includes instructions for installing cartridges. The cartridges should be conditioned to 70degF prior to the test. Once the test kit has been installed, the regulator should be tested using a remote manual pull station.

The Ansul regulator is a device for automatic-pneumatic actuation of fire suppression systems. It includes a metal enclosure, visual indicator window, and release mechanism. It also has a terminal strip for electrical connections. This device is designed to work with the Ansul AUTOMAN II-C fire suppression system.

Before installing the replacement assembly, prepare the ANSUL SYSTEM by removing the shipping materials. Carefully examine the parts for concealed shipping damage. Then, install the AUTOMAN II-C releasing device enclosure onto the cylinder rack. It is essential to read the instruction manual for the AUTOMAN II-C releasing device before installation. Connect the cartridge receiver to the cylinder actuation line. Then, connect all the hazard connections.

If your ANSUL regulator is showing a pressure reading that is less than 1500 psi, you should replace it. This will maintain the correct pressure for the fire suppression system. You should also remember to replace the nitrogen cylinder when the pressure drops below 1500 psi. This pressure varies with temperature.

Ansul fire protection products were first introduced in 1939. They were the first cartridge-operated dry chemical fire extinguisher on the market. Since then, Ansul’s product engineers have worked with a wide variety of industries to ensure that their products would protect their customers from fire. In fact, the Ansul Fire Technology Center is one of the largest fire research facilities in the world. Ansul fire protection products are backed by an extensive network of professional technical and customer service staff.

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