Annie Macaulay idibia Net Worth

Annie Macaulay Idibia Net Worth

Annie Macaulay Idibia net worth is currently unknown. She is a model, actress, and Tv presenter. She is also an icon in the fashion industry. However, her net worth is expected to increase in the future as her career continues to grow.

annie macaulay idibia is a model

Annie Macaulay-Idibia is a Nigerian model, actress, and presenter. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2009 Best of Nollywood Awards. She is a mother of two daughters and lives in Lagos.

Annie Macaulay-Idibia was born in Ibadan, Nigeria. She is five feet eight feet tall. Her parents split when she was young, and she moved to Lagos to live with her mother. Her mother worked hard to raise her. She started acting when she was fifteen and is currently a popular Nollywood actress.

an actress

The actress, singer, and entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of $10 million. She has appeared in numerous films and television shows. She was featured on the cover of Glamour South Africa in March 2022. Her credits include films such as ‘Pleasure and Crime’, ‘White Chapel’, and ‘A Lot Like Love’. She also has her own beauty parlor in the United States.

Before her rise to fame, Annie began working as a saleswoman and model. She did so to support herself while she was studying at university. She also started taking small acting and modelling gigs, earning between 2000 and 5,000 Naira per gig. Though the money was not large, she remained hopeful and held on to the hope that things would work out in the future.

a Tv presenter

The net worth of Nigerian actress and model Annie Macaulay-Idibia is in the multimillions. She is also a businesswoman, owning her own salon BeOlive Hair Studio. Despite her successful career, she has some personal issues, including an estranged relationship with her estranged husband, 2face Idibia.

The Nigerian actress married the popular Nigerian musician 2Face Idibia in 2012, and they have two daughters, Olivia and Isabelle. She is also the stepmother of five other children from her husband’s previous relationships.

she lost her brother to tuberculosis

Annie Macaulay Idibia is a popular Nollywood actress, television presenter, model, and philanthropist. She was born in 1984 in Ibadan, Oyo State. Her parents were divorced when she was young. Her mother became a housewife and worked at a Mobil station. When she was 10, her parents separated. She grew up with her mother and brother.

When she was still a child, Annie started helping her mother with her financial problems. She grew up with two older brothers, but her youngest brother died from tuberculosis at age fifteen. She has been funding his children’s school fees for nine years.

she is a cheerful giver

Annie Macaulay Idibia is an Nollywood actress. She prefers the name Macaulay instead of the traditional Idibia. She is still not ready to use her real name. But the actress is known as the girlfriend of 2Face Idibia.

Annie Macaulay-Idibia is the daughter of an oil worker. She started helping her mother with finances at a young age. She has two older brothers. At age 15, her younger brother died of tuberculosis. When she was ten, her father remarried and Annie’s mother became a housewife.

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