Annabella Sciorra Net Worth

Annabella Sciorra Net Worth

Annabella Sciorra has been making waves in Hollywood since she first appeared in movies and TV series during the early ’90s, particularly for her iconic performance as Gloria Trillo on HBO series like The Sopranos. Sciorra has earned numerous awards and nominations over time; estimated net worth: $6 Million

Annabella Sciorra was born on 29 March 1960 in Brooklyn, New York City to parents of Italian descent – Carunchio hails from Abruzzo while Maria Philomena hails from Formia Lazio. Sciorra pursued ballet instruction from Herbert Berghof Studio before attending theatre classes at American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

She first appeared in film with 1989’s True Love, receiving critical acclaim and becoming a box office success. Additionally, it earned her two awards: Independent Spirit Award and Lunt-Fontanne Award as well as nominations from Chicago Film Critics Association Award and Primetime Emmy Award.

In 2006, she debuted as Detective Carolyn Barek on Law and Order: SVU and continued the role until 2007. Alongside acting, she has participated in stage productions such as The Vagina Monologues, Roar and Those the River Keeps; she has also guest-starred on various television programs like ER, The L Word and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as an actress guest-starring as Detective Carolyn Barek.

Annabella Sciorra possesses numerous business interests aside from acting. She owns Annabella Sciorra Productions, which has produced various movies and TV series throughout its existence.

Sciorra has been married twice. First she wed actor Joe Petruzzi in 1989; their marriage ended four years later after they had three years together before parting ways. Later she dated Bobby Cannavale for three years but they broke up three years later in 2007. Since 2007, Sciorra has not been linked with any further relationships.

Since becoming vegan years ago, she has maintained good physical health through eating healthily and staying away from animal products. Additionally, she supports PETA and their advocacy of animal rights while speaking out against sexual harassment of female celebrities.

The actress is an avid supporter of both Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants football teams, regularly attending their games with family and friends. Additionally, she enjoys traveling to exotic destinations. Additionally, she maintains an extensive social media following as she frequently updates both her personal and professional life; Facebook page with over 4,300 likes; Twitter account with nearly 4,000 followers; prolific Instagram user; posting pictures/videos from family vacations/workout routines etc; has extensive training in martial arts/boxing which have helped build strength/endurance/muscle memory/muscle memory/memoributton muscle memory/memoributtone.

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