Anna Maria Alberghetti Net Worth

Anna Maria Alberghetti was an extraordinary talent who sang before an orchestra of 100 musicians on Rhodes and Carnegie Hall at age 13. She made her film debut opposite Bing Crosby in Frank Capra’s 1951 musical Here Comes the Groom, written and produced by Frank Capra.

She won the 1962 Tony Award (tie with Diahann Carroll) for her performance in Carnival on Broadway, appearing more than 50 times on Ed Sullivan Show and winning over 50 Emmy awards during this time period.

Early Life and Education

Anna Maria Alberghetti is a classically trained singer. Beginning her career at an early age and performing with orchestras since six, Anna Maria quickly emerged as a child prodigy.

She first made her screen debut in the musical film Here Comes the Groom and continued acting in films throughout the 1950s. Later she turned her attention towards theater productions such as Carnival! which won her a Tony Award.

In 1959, she made her television debut on NBC Western series Wagon Train as Conchita Vasquez, an Apache who joins a wagon train to steal rifles from the United States Army.

Alberghetti performed in numerous theatrical productions and is known for her one-woman cabaret act. Additionally, she made numerous television commercial appearances for Good Seasons salad dressing products.

Professional Career

Anna Maria Alberghetti has enjoyed an illustrious and successful career spanning music, film, television and theater. Born in Pesaro, Italy and singing since she could walk, Anna Maria began performing with orchestras across Europe at an early age.

She made her screen debut in the 1951 film, The Medium and would go on to appear in several more films with Dean Martin such as Ten Thousand Bedrooms and Cinderfella – two for which she received nominations for Tony Awards. Additionally, Carnival made its Broadway debut that same year where she would perform several performances alongside Dean Martin as part of their duet onstage.

Alberghetti made two covers of Life magazine and appeared over fifty times on CBS variety program The Ed Sullivan Show, guesting both then-NBC show Gisele MacKenzie Show as well as ABC show Pat Boone Chevy Showroom (which premiered that year). Alberghetti continued performing in many theatrical productions as well as her one-woman cabaret act – while also touring internationally as part of her one-woman cabaret act.

Achievement and Honors

Anna Maria Alberghetti was born in Pesaro, Italy and showcased an astounding musical ability at an early age. By six, she had already performed with orchestras throughout Europe.

Her pure operatic voice captured American audiences, leading her to make her Carnegie Hall debut at age 13. Additionally, she appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show an incredible 53 times!

After dabbling briefly in films, she turned her focus towards Broadway theatre performances, winning a Tony Award for her performance in Carnival! Additionally she appeared in The Student Prince and two productions of Fanny. In 1958 she made her television debut as Conchita Vasquez on NBC’s western TV series Wagon Train before marrying television director and producer Claudio Guzman and giving birth before parting ways later in 1974.

Personal Life

Anna Maria Alberghetti graced two covers of Life magazine. She performed over 50 times on The Ed Sullivan Show and made an appearance as a guest star in 1957 on NBC’s Gisele MacKenzie Show; additionally, she appeared in ABC’s Pat Boone Chevy Showroom premiere episode as well.

In 1959 she played Conchita Vasquez, one of a Comanche raiding party intending to strike against a wagon train and steal rifles intended for use by the United States Army.

Alberghetti has appeared in various theatrical productions and continues her popular one-woman cabaret act. In 1964 she married television producer-director Claudio Guzman and has two daughters, Alexandra and Pilar.

Net Worth

Anna Maria Alberghetti was an Italian-American soprano who began singing with orchestras throughout Europe at a very early age before transitioning into film roles with Frank Capra’s musical Here Comes the Groom in 1951 and later appeared in multiple other movies like The Medium and The Last Command.

She made her Broadway debut in Kismet and West Side Story musicals; winning a Tony Award for the role of Lili in Carnival! in 1962.

TV appearances included guest starring on NBC’s Gisele MacKenzie Show in 1957 and over 50 appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show between 1964-1974 with Claudio Guzman as her husband (Television Producer-Director).

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