Andrew Camarata Net Worth

Andrew Camarata Net Worth – YouTuber With a Million Views

Andrew Camarata is a YouTuber who earns his fortune through a property maintenance company. He owns a company called Camarata Property Maintenance, which has five service centers across New York. The company provides various services like excavation and renovation.

Andrew has been in the industry since childhood. His father, who is also an owner of an excavation business, had a big influence on his life. As a child, Andrew learned how to repair machinery and engines. After finishing school, he decided to follow his passion and start an excavation and handyman business. During that time, he also acquired technical skills, which allowed him to become a highly skilled tradesman.

Before starting his own business, Andrew worked as a property maintenance professional in New York. In addition, he studied Computer Science. In 2009, he started a property maintenance company, which focuses on excavation and renovation of properties. Now, he is a highly sought after YouTuber with a huge net worth.

Andrew Camarata’s current salary is $500K a year. His daily income from YouTube is approximately $3 to $7 per 1000 views. However, this figure is only an estimate, and may be higher or lower. This is based on the popularity of the video and the price of the product. Some of his videos have a small number of viewers, while others attract millions of views.

In addition to earning through his property maintenance business, Andrew Camarata’s earnings come from YouTube ad revenue. As a result, his earnings have fluctuated over the years. On the other hand, his YouTube channel has been able to gather over 275 million views. It currently has over one million subscribers.

Andrew is not married, but has a few pets. Among his pets are two Golden Retrievers. In fact, he posts pictures of his pets on his Instagram account. One of his dogs, Levi, passed away in June 2021.

Despite his successful career, Andrew is still single. His social media profiles include a personal vlog, and he has a public profile on Instagram. Since he is not married, he prefers to keep his private life out of the spotlight. But he does not drink alcohol, and he shares his personal life on his website.

Andrew has been building an empire in the New York area, which is focused on property maintenance and excavation. During the past eight years, he has created a thriving YouTube channel, with more than 900K subscribers and 93.1 million views on 365 videos. He recently celebrated his 12th birthday. And, he continues to create new videos. Moreover, his company is always working on different projects.

Although he does not have a spouse, his father has always been his role model. Both of his parents have worked in the excavation and construction industry for many years. Besides, his siblings are all involved in the family business. There are rumors of him dating YouTuber Samantha Weber, but there is no proof that they are indeed dating.

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