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Due to a controversy arising from videotape showing her wearing only a bikini at the home of someone who’d gone missing while covering his case, reporter Amy Jacobson was fired. Now she is filing suit against both of her former employers as well as their neighbors in order to regain both her job and sense of dignity.

She and her husband purchased the Lake View greystone for $900,000. Three years later they sold it for $840,000 to Cardone who is accused of defamation and invasion of privacy in her suit.

Early Life and Education

Amy Jacobson grew up in Mount Prospect and developed an early interest in news broadcasts at Hersey High School, which inspired her to pursue journalism as a profession.

After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Iowa, she worked in TV news in Minneapolis, Cedar Rapids and Tucson before landing a position with NBC News Chicago as a reporter covering major events.

Jacobson was described by those who knew her well as an old-school newshound – always on the move and determined to cover every story that came her way. To those who followed her work closely, however, Jacobson sometimes seemed too friendly toward those she covered and too familiar with their circumstances.

Professional Career

Amy Jacobson is an exceptional and determined individual with an affinity for research, analytics and management. After graduating from a reputable college with a degree in visual communication and design, Amy started at UNK as student designer before being promoted to senior designer overseeing all graphic and creative aspects of printed materials to ensure University standards are upheld.

The incident touched upon many issues: business rivalry, professional courtesy and whether or not a reporter’s end-justifies-the-means ethics were acceptable, the sanctimony of private residences with pools similar to Wisteria Lane as sanctuaries, foresight in selecting an approach to stories as well as its best course. Furthermore, it generated debate within academia as well as cable TV newsrooms about journalistic ethics involving hard-charging tactics for scoops.

Achievement and Honors

Jacobson has appeared in several short films and earned four Emmy nominations, in addition to her recurring role on Broad City. Additionally, she served as National Staff Instructor at NCA – training staff members, leading camps and leading teams under her direction.

In 2007, Jacobson was caught on video wearing a bikini top and towel to Craig Stebic’s home, whom she had been investigating over his wife’s disappearance. This incident led to her dismissal from WMAQ-TV.

She currently holds the position of Senior Designer within UNK’s Marketing and Communications department, overseeing all printed material to meet university standards. Since 2009 she has worked for UNK where she is known for her calm demeanor and ability to work under pressure.

Personal Life

Jacobson started her reporting career at WMAQ before transitioning to WLS radio, appearing regularly on Roe Conn and Mancow & Cassidy shows as well as contributing to Illinois Opportunity Project website and Loyola University Chicago School of Law adjunct professor courses.

Jacobson is known for her aggressive journalistic style, earning both exclusive stories and praise from colleagues and competitors alike. Those close to her recall that she will do whatever is necessary – including swimming at potential sources’ houses in bikinis – to secure coverage.

While some might see Jacobson’s actions as lacking judgement, many believe she simply used her body to draw out discussion around a subject, similar to how another reporter may use alcohol at a bar to loosen up sources.

Net Worth

Amy Jacobson has over 10 years of experience reporting news for television stations across Chicagoland; then Detroit; El Paso Texas and Tucson Arizona, as well as radio.

But she now stars in an online comedy web series, Emmy-nominated Broad City. Her signature blend of dry wit and cynicism has garnered worldwide acclaim, earning multiple awards such as Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Series award.

She earned a reputation as an old-school journalist–an unwavering, never-off-the-clock newshound who could find a juicy scoop and grumble against rivals. She purchased a Lake View graystone for $938,000 in mid 2005, selling it three years later after her termination from Channel 5 due to the bathing suit scandal with an estimated gain of around 4.2 percent over its initial purchase price.

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