Amber Baptiste

Michael Jackson and Amber Baptiste met in Dallas in 2002. Amber claimed that Michael abused her both physically and sexually. The two later divorced in 2006, but not before Amber filed a lawsuit against him for $40 million. According to Amber, Michael promised to dedicate his life to her, but broke his word, breaking their agreement.

According to the complaint, Baptiste lied about her age and gender. She also falsely claimed that she was pregnant. The court found that Baptiste was not pregnant. He had three children with two of them, but hid them from his former wife. Later, he divorced his third wife, Jordana Woodland. In the court’s ruling, Baptiste was found guilty of fraud and imposed a restraining order preventing her from making false statements. The complaint does not name the women in his ‘harem’, but does allege that he delivered several residences, including a multi-million dollar Santa Monica property.

Baptiste also claimed that Goguen had abused her for more than a decade. In one instance, she claimed that he had threatened to hire a private investigator to follow her and threatened to expose her relationship to their children. After she filed her lawsuit, Goguen filed a countersuit, saying that Baptiste violated his contract and violated his confidentiality agreement.

The two were married in 2001, but soon divorced. However, they were still close and continued to be in touch. Afterwards, the couple got back together and had another child. In the meantime, Goguen remarried in 2006. When he remarried in 2006, he promised to dedicate himself to Amber Baptiste.

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