Alicia Dougherty Net Worth

Alicia Dougherty Net Worth

Alicia Dougherty net worth is a social media celebrity most well-known for her TikTok content, where she discusses various aspects of raising a large family, often featuring videos featuring her kids playing games or discussing zodiac signs or favorite foods. Her doughertydozen account has amassed over 5 million followers; additionally, their family also maintains an active YouTube channel where they frequently upload updates of daily life events.

Alicia and Josh have 12 children together; eight of which were adopted while four are biological children of the couple. Their children range in age from two to fourteen. Alicia manages their family’s online media while Josh works as a custom curriculum educator.

The Dougherty Dozen family resides in Pittsford, New York. Alicia and Josh endured nine years of infertility and 11 miscarriages before adopting Alex, their first son. Six days after Alex arrived home they discovered Alicia was pregnant with Zoey; thus becoming parents to two beautiful children!

Since becoming viral, their family has experienced phenomenal growth. They’ve been featured on CNN and ABC news outlets as well as invited to speak at various schools and events on parenting and family matters. Alicia herself has even been invited to give talks at schools about this subject matter.

She is known for her widespread social media following on platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook; amassing over 5 million followers on TikTok alone and over 900,000. Her content covers family-friendly topics such as morning routines and grocery hauls with entertaining yet educational videos that showcase these daily happenings.

TikTok and Instagram accounts aside, she also has a YouTube channel where she chronicles life with her 12-person family. Her YouTube subscriber base currently exceeds 1.1 million viewers annually and continues to expand exponentially each year. In addition, Alicia makes money through partnership programs, ads on her videos, and brand endorsements.

Though she is well-known on social media, Alicia has suffered from mental illness herself. She experiences anxiety and depression as well as difficulty sleeping. In the past, alcohol and marijuana were used as ways of coping with her depression but is currently working to overcome these problems.

Alicia has used her experiences to develop empathy for others, particularly single parents who face unique difficulties in an often hostile world. Despite her many difficulties, she remains strong for her children and determined to expand their family. She attributes this strength to both family support and her experience growing up with a brother with bipolar disorder. Alicia is passionate about helping other people and hopes to be an advocate for those struggling with mental health issues. She believes having an inclusive community is the cornerstone of health; thus she plans on starting a foundation dedicated to helping struggling families, with hopes of raising $1 Million by 2023.

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