Albee Al Net Worth

Albee Al Net Worth

Albee Al has amassed an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. An American rapper, Albee is best known for his mixtapes such as Somethin Da Hood Made and Everyday June 30th which have become extremely popular with listeners and have garnered him many followers. Additionally he has worked as producer for some artists. Born 12 July 1988 in Jersey City New Jersey he currently stands 35 years old. His zodiac sign is Cancer while Chinese horoscope calls him Dragon.

He was raised in an imperfect neighbourhood and exposed to violence at an early age; these experiences would eventually form the basis of his music from its inception. From these influences emerged gritty, muscular Hip-hop that draws upon street life and violence experienced first hand while growing up.

Albee Al has emerged from an upsetting background to forge an impressive music career. He has released several mixtapes and amassed a large fan base; his songs can also be found in movies like New Jack City and The Longest Yard’s soundtracks. Albee is well known for his freestyle skills and has won multiple rap battles.

Al’s musical journey started as a hobby when he was still in his teens. Over time, however, he spent more and more time at the studio honing his skills, eventually producing some original beats and producing his first mixtape in 2010.

Albee Al’s latest project Koba made its Billboard Top Independent Albums graph debut at No. 21 in 2019; Complex Magazine also recognized him as one of the best rising rappers that year. Method Man and Wu-Tang Clan serve as major sources of inspiration to him.

Al sat down for a Zoom interview with the magazine to talk about his efforts to stay out of trouble, his new mixtape Free The Real and life lessons he’s picked up over time.

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