Al Unser Jr Net Worth

Al Unser Jr Net Worth

The Al Unser Jr. is a famous American Race Car Driver. He is best known for his accomplishments in the Indianapolis 500. In fact, he was the oldest man to win the coveted race.

Although he hasn’t been racing in quite some time, he still has an impressive net worth. According to authoritative sources, his net worth is roughly $20 million. His biggest income source is as a driver, but he also earns money from his other ventures.

While he was competing in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Solo National Championship, he placed second in the competition. Similarly, his performance in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb was worthy of a mention. It was an event he competed in with his brothers from a young age.

As a member of the Unser family, he is a member of a dynasty that has dominated the Indianapolis 500 for nearly a century. His dad and his uncle, both named Al, won the prestigious race three times each. A third cousin, Bobby, won the race three times as well.

He has four children, two daughters and two sons. When he was young, he was involved in various auto-racing events and tournaments. After high school, he went on to participate in the World of Outlaws series of sprint car races.

During his racing career, he had his share of ups and downs. One of the most noteworthy incidents occurred when he crashed out of the race with co-driver Ivan Bellarosa. Another involved a 13-car pileup. However, he escaped the worst of it and became the oldest man to ever win the coveted race.

He won the PPG indy car world series championship in 1983. He was also the youngest IROC champion at the age of 24. In addition, he became the oldest man to win the Indianopolis 500.

As a youngster, he was involved in the Sports Car Club of America’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. At the time, the gimmicks in this event were the aforementioned and the o-mo-mo.

Not to be confused with the other o-mo-mo, the LIVE outside the bottle is a good way to say the same thing. This ad campaign was aimed at educating the public about alcoholism.

The aforementioned is a mere fraction of what this former professional driver has earned in his illustrious career. To date, he has garnered 34 IndyCar wins. On the other hand, he hasn’t had a ride in the big leagues for some time. For a while, he was rumored to be a candidate for a spot on the podium in the upcoming 2009 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Regardless of his accomplishments, he remains a beloved member of the Unser racing family. As such, his legacy will live on. His children, Rob and Lisa, will carry on the tradition. They are both former automotive racers and are currently working in radio and TV broadcasting.

Despite his illustrious racing career, Al has also found time to write and publish a memoir called “Born to be Fast.” Hopefully, he will get his wish.

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