A Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycle Travel: The Top Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know that 384,997 people bought motorcycles in the first nine months of 2022?

It’s no surprise. Not only is motorcycle travel fast and convenient but it’s also fun and exciting. And since everyone loves a thrill and new experiences, maybe you’re thinking about getting one yourself.

But if you’re a motorcycle newbie, traveling the open and rugged roads can be dangerous. You have to remember some practical dos and don’ts.

Read below for a motorcycle beginner’s guide to make sure you’re prepared for the open road.

What To Do

Listed below are the things you should do before your motorcycle road trip. Keep them in mind to ensure motorcycle safety when traveling.

Wear Gear

Start with a full-face helmet and make sure it fits correctly. Wear a riding jacket and pants that cover the arms and legs fully, as well as boots that cover the ankles.

Always wear gloves during your ride to protect your hands in the event of an accident. And don’t forget to wear protective eyewear.

Familiarize Yourself With the Laws

Each state will have its own rules and regulations governing motorcycles, including the necessary documents such as registration and license plates. Make sure you are aware of them and any speed limits, regulations on lane-splitting, permissible noise levels, and other applicable statutes.

Dismissing state requirements can result in hefty fees, revocations of your license, and even jail time, so make sure you are knowledgeable about the laws to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Pack a First-Aid Kit

Safety always comes first. Make sure to bring a few basic items such as band-aids and gauze, as well as any prescription medications you may need.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

You must constantly scan the road for any hazards or changes that could make you react quickly and safely. You should also be looking out for other drivers, as well as any pedestrians or animals in the vicinity.

What Not To Do

There are also things you should not do as a beginner. Below are some of them that you should always keep in mind.

Ride Recklessly

This includes excessive speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and performing dangerous stunts. Not only can this lead to dangerous accidents, but it can also land you in legal trouble. So never ride recklessly to avoid needing to click on this link on motorcycle accident lawyers.

Ride in Poor Weather

When the weather is poor, make sure you keep a grip on the handlebars and keep both feet planted firmly on the pegs. In the worst cases, it may be best to pull over and wait for the rain to pass before continuing. Never ride in a storm, you’re putting yourself and other riders at risk by doing so.

Never Consume Alcohol or Drugs Before Riding

When under the influence, the motorcyclist is unable to react quickly in situations and may make decisions that could be fatal. Without the correct judgment or mental focus, you can be putting yourself, your passenger, and other vehicles on the road in danger.

Motorcycle Travel Is Fun if You Know How to Keep Safe

Motorcycle travel can be both fun and enjoyable! And by following the top dos and don’ts, you can ensure that you experience it to its fullest.

To get started on your road trip, be sure to grab the essentials – a helmet, protective gear, and your reliable motorcycle. Ready, set, ride!

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