7 Reasons to Celebrate New Year on Desert Safari in Dubai

With 2023 almost ending, you must be making plans to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Why not head out for a Desert Safari? This is the most talked about event in the whole of Dubai and the world. So, there is a high possibility that you will not be disappointed. Are you still having second thoughts? Well, let us share some strong reasons as to why you must celebrate your New Year’s in the desert. Have a read.

1. Very Stylish

Desert Safari new years eve

There is no doubt that the desert safari New Year’s Eve is a very stylish affair. You will be greeted at the Bedouin campsite by the staff with warmth.  Do, you no longer have to depend on crowded clubs and discos to have fun. Imagine leaving behind the noisy city life and heading straight to the desert to have a good time. The desert safari does make you feel very special.

2. Great Entertainment


The good thing about this safari is that it offers you the chance to indulge in many adventurous activities such as dune bashing, sandboarding, and many more. Women can get their hands decorated with henna tattoos. You will also be served shisha. You will have the rare opportunity to witness the famous tanura and Belly dancing performed by local artists.

3. Fabulous Dinner And Beverages

You will be served a fantastic buffet dinner and alcoholic beverages of your choice, there are several packages that you can choose from so you must read the details well before you book tickets. The organizers will also give you a special cake at the stroke of midnight, making your experience more memorable. There is no doubt that the whole experience is good value for the money you decide to spend .

4. Awesome Fireworks

Awesome Fireworks

What is a New Year’s Eve without some spectacular fireworks right? The New Year desert safari Dubai is the perfect way to view fireworks in the desert. Watch as the night sky lights up with a myriad of different colors, it’s almost like a genius artist splashing paint on a canvas in an artistic manner. This experience should not be missed out on for anything in the world. If you love taking pictures then do train your camera lenses at the sky and capture some of that radiance.

5. Punctual

The event is very organized and your safari will begin exactly at the time mentioned and will finish exactly at the time mentioned on your tickets. However, you need to remember that the pickup time may vary by 30 minutes depending on the traffic flow in the city.

6. Limited Slots

This is one strong reason to go for a desert safari during New Year’s, if you are looking for ways to avoid crowded venues then this is the place for you. The seats are limited so you do not have to brush shoulders with a huge crowd.

7. Supervision From Experts

Supervision From Experts

During dune bashing and sandboarding, you will have trained professionals giving you valuable guidance on how to proceed with those activities. So, you can have fun in a safe manner. You can book a package that includes all the activities in the desert safari.

So, these are the five strongest reasons why you should go for a desert safari during New Year’s Eve In Dubai. Do, remember to dress appropriately, do not wear short or revealing clothes as they are considered offensive. The safari does have strict rules and you are expected to follow them to the fullest. Now that you have the right information, it is time that you get online and book your tickets fast before they all get sold out. You can also be assured that your kids are going to love this event to the fullest. The desert safari is just the perfect way to spend solid time with your loved ones.

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