3 Tips for Caring for Hardwood Floors

Do you have a new home that has hardwood floors or are looking at buying a home that has them? If so, then you might be wondering what materials they are before determining how to care for them.

Hardwood floors can be quite beautiful to look at and easy to care for. However, there are things you should know about them so that you can take good care of them.

This is a brief guide on caring for hardwood floors.

1. Clean Spills Immediately

When it comes to caring for hardwood floors, one of the most important tips is to clean spills immediately. As soon as any liquid hits the floor, reach for a cloth and quickly absorb any spills. The sooner the spill is taken care of, the less likely it is to cause permanent damage or discoloration to the hardwood floor.

Avoid rubbing or scrubbing spills, as this can cause scratches. Instead, just blot up the liquid. Also, avoid using any type of all-purpose or abrasive cleaners as both these have been known to damage hardwood floors.

Instead, use a damp mop and hardwood floor cleaner that is specifically made for hardwood floors. The combination of these tools will quickly help remove spills and keep hardwood flooring looking like new. Following these tips is essential especially on pre finished hardwood flooring.

2. Use Wood Floor Cleaner Regularly

The best way to maintain hardwood floors is to use a wood floor cleaner regularly. The cleaner should be designed specifically for hardwood floors to ensure that it won’t damage the flooring. First, start by vacuuming the entire floor area to remove dust and dirt.

Next, apply a thin, even layer of the floor cleaner with a mop or soft cloth. Allow it to air dry and then buff it with a dry, soft cloth. Applying a wood conditioner before cleaning can also help protect your hardwood floors from drying and cracking.

Regular sweeping of your floors will also help keep them looking new. Additionally, using floor mats and rugs inside entries from outside can help prevent abrasions from outdoor dirt and debris. Hardwood flooring is one of the types of flooring that needs special flooring maintenance.

3. Re-Finish Every 3-5 Years

Caring for hardwood floors is an essential part of home care. One of the most important components of hardwood floor care is refinishing every 3-5 years. This process involves stripping the old finish off, sanding the floor smoothly, and finishing it with a fresh coat of sealer.

Refinishing hardwood floors helps protect them from wear and tear and extends their life. Additionally, it can also improve their overall aesthetic appeal. Before refinishing, it is important to thoroughly sweep and vacuum the floor to remove any dirt or debris.

When refinishing, it is crucial to use a high-quality sealer to ensure the longevity of the new finish. With consistent and proper care, your hardwood floors can last for decades.

Maintain Your Hardwood Floors Properly

Caring for your hardwood floors requires extraordinary attention and dedication. Make sure to follow these tips to keep your hardwood floor looking beautiful and in optimal condition for years to come.

And remember, proper maintenance and protection will extend the life and beauty of your hardwood floor – don’t forget to make it a priority! Contact a professional if you are still not sure how best to care for your hardwood floors.

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