15 Lb Lobster

A 15-Lb Lobster Found in Florida May Be Over 100 Years Old

A fresh-caught 15 lb lobster found in South Florida may be over 100 years old, but thanks to the efforts of local business partners, it has found a new home. The lobster, wrapped in a salt-water-soaked towel, left Sunrise’s Tin Fish Restaurant Wednesday for its new life at the Maine State Aquarium. Melluso said, “It’s an amazing animal.” He was skeptical about the claim that he had caught a fifteen-pounder.

A 15-pound lobster can easily be purchased for between $45 and $50 per pound. However, lobster tails can be very expensive and are typically sold per pound. It is always better to buy a whole lobster instead of a few pieces. Lobster meat is usually cheaper per pound than other seafood. A whole lobster will yield more meat. A 15-pound lobster is a great deal if you are willing to spend a little more on meat.

Look for Grade A and grade B lobsters when choosing a live lobster. Grade A lobsters have the hardest shells and are therefore the meatiest. Grade B lobsters are mainly summer species. Their shells are medium-hard or firm, which indicates they have just recently gone through molting. Their meat isn’t as firm as Grade A lobster meat. The lobster’s shell size is also important.

Lobster is a great source for protein. 19 grams of protein is found in a 3.5-ounce lobster. It also contains a healthy dose of B vitamins and selenium, which support cognitive function and metabolism. And omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent cardiovascular disease. You may not even realize that a 15-pound lobster has so many health benefits. Just remember to follow the cooking directions, or you could end up with a poorly cooked lobster!

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