100 Vampire Novels

Summer reading lists have begun to fill up with Charlaine Harris’ latest Sookie Stackhouse novel. In addition to this, the HBO series True Blood is getting ready to return for its third season. Margot Adler, NPR’s Margot, has compiled a list of the 100 best vampire novels for this year. This will ensure that you have a vampire-filled summer. Adler shares her list, and gives a sneak peek at two books that are sure to be summer blockbusters.

The vampire genre has taken off in recent years and there are now more books than ever featuring the bloodlust and supernatural powers of vampires. This list is sure to be a hit among vampire lovers and readers of all ages. Listed below are the best vampire novels of all time, according to Goodreads reader reviews and Amazon ratings. Get ready to dive into some terrifying pages! Enjoy! Enjoy!

The genre is not only fiction but also has been adapted to television, film, and comic books. Vampires can be found in all genres today, including fantasy, gritty horror and historical pastiche. Dracula is another great example of a cultural icon. Dracula, whether or not he existed, is a strong symbol of sexual transgressions and invasion fears. No matter how much you think you know about the genre, you’re sure to find a novel that fits your vampire needs.

Nathaniel Cade is a hard-core hunter who believes himself damned. He carries his cross even when it hurts, and objects to words that blasphemy. He attends AA meetings to address his bloodlust. Cade’s new handler, Zach Barrows, has dreams of becoming a chief of staff, but he learns about the hidden world and the dangerous job.

In this Southern-style supernatural thriller, a women’s book club must protect themselves from a blood-sucking fiend. A mix of monsters and humans live in Coldtown, the walled city. In the ensuing fight for survival, the women must learn how to deal with the fiend and survive. The action is fast-paced and intense, leaving readers breathless. If you want to know what happens next, read this book!

Varney was one of the first vampire novels to be published in the UK. Varney never kills his victims, and the book is over a thousand pages. Instead, Varney is exposed as a vampire before his evil plans can be realized. The first chapter is a great portrayal of a vampire attack. This book is a great choice for vampire lovers, even though it is difficult to find a book about a vampire with a history of killing people.

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