Zipz Wine Net Worth

Zipz Wine Net Worth

Zipz wine net worth is an established company that manufactures shatter-proof single-serve wines in resealable bottles for convenient and portable consumption. They’re ideal for pools, trips and stadiums alike – founders were passionate about wine and wanted to develop something people could take along on their travels and enjoy whenever necessary – now available nationwide.

Zipz Wine was established by Andrew McMurray as an innovative business in 2014. They produce single-serve, shatterproof wine glasses pre-filled with four types of wine that are sold at some of the country’s best restaurants as well as convenience stores and grocery stores across the U.S. They have gained wide media coverage and become an industry leader within this niche sector of self-contained glasses.

Andrew McCurray grew up in Scarsdale, New York and studied business, management, and marketing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst before working at Zachys Fine Wine as vice president. Alongside J Henry Scott (another Rutgers graduate), they created Zipz Wine after realizing many areas where wine consumption occurs (such as pools or airports) do not allow customers to bring in their own bottles of wine.

Zipz Wine made a lasting impression when featured in Shark Tank’s inaugural season back in 2014. They secured one of the largest deals ever in Shark Tank history, and continued to expand their business thereafter. However, today the focus has changed significantly; rather than making wine themselves they now specialize in licensing and manufacturing the Zipz Wine packaging exclusively.

Although they do not publicly release their net worth, estimates place it near $50 million. Their unique process for filling glasses from the bottom prevents oxidation and keeps their wine fresh up to seven days longer, plus they have an extensive production facility as well as distribution center where their wines are shipped out to various retailers.

The Sharks were impressed by the unique concept and packaging, and each offered their own deal: Kevin O’Leary proposed $2.5 million for 10% ownership plus another 10% if Costco approves of their wine product; Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec were interested but decided against investing.

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