Zeeko Zaki Net Worth

Zeeko Zaki Net Worth – How Much Is Zeeko Zaki Worth?

Zeeko Zaki has made quite the mark in Hollywood as an actor since 2012, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after talent. Active since 2012 and making decent money as an actor he has featured in hit TV series such as Six, 24: Legacy, The Night Shift, NCIS: Los Angeles and FBI with outstanding performances that earned him significant compensation. Additionally he has done commercials for organizations like Verizon, Pepsi, Citi Bank and Microsoft Phone among many others.

Zeeko was born in Alexandria, Egypt on January 18th 1990 and later settled in West Chester Pennsylvania with his family members. His father Sherif was a professional stylist while mother Emon Zaki owned and managed a salon there. Additionally he had two younger siblings but the details regarding their names or occupations are currently unknown. Zeeko attended Unionville High School before later enrolling at Temple University Philadelphia to further his studies.

At school, he began participating in theatre plays, eventually developing an interest and passion for acting. By 2010 he had relocated to North Carolina, commencing his acting career there.

He has graced television series and films alike, in addition to commercials. With an immense fan following and dedication towards his craft, his success in such a short period is no coincidence.

In the coming years, he is planning on working on various projects which include Escape Plan 2: Hades and The Apocalypse TV series. These projects have been under development and should soon be released – which fans of his can only hope is soon enough!

Zeeko and Renee Monaco can often be seen sharing adorable photos of each other online. Their personal life remains private, however. Although Zeeko does not discuss his marriage plans or children with anyone yet, he loves animals – specifically his pet dog Bodhi! He enjoys traveling too and has visited several countries together with Renee Monaco. Additionally, he’s known for helping others around him and always strives to help people in need; truly an outstanding individual who we wish the best with his bright future ahead of them! We wish him all of success and hope he keeps doing what he’s doing!

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