You Ve Been Elfed Free Printable

Elfing is one of those seasonal traditions that kids love. The idea is to leave a little something on someone’s doorstep (and try not to get caught!). It’s a lot of fun, and you can even try it with your neighbors. You can print the free printable on cardstock or photopaper and cut it out with a paper puncher. This way, you can hang it on your door or dangle it from a string.

Print out the free You’ve Been Elfed printable and use it to spread holiday cheer and start a new holiday tradition. The printable includes eight fun front door signs and a clever elf poem. The activity is similar to the Halloween Boo Game, but with a twist. The free printable will make it easy for your children to play and is an easy way to get your kids into the holiday spirit.

The You’ve Been Elfed printable is a great way to spread holiday cheer to friends and family. The cute holiday characters on the printable are sure to make everyone smile! The doorbell-ditching message can make a perfect gift for family and friends, too!

Aside from leaving a gift, you can also Elf your neighbor’s doorbell. Then, you’ll find a little Christmas elf waiting to greet you! Just be sure to leave a sign for your neighbor so that others will know that you’ve been Elfed. It’s a fun game that spreads holiday cheer all around the neighborhood.

Besides leaving treats for neighbors, You’ve Been Elfed is also a fun tradition for children to participate in. The kids will love making and delivering treats to their neighbors without getting caught. Whether you’re giving this activity to your kids or the whole neighborhood, it’s sure to be a hit with the whole family.

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