You Ve Been Boozed Printable

The You’ve Been Boozed Printable is a fun way to spread the Halloween spirit. The printable measures about 3 x 5 inches, making it perfect for a party bag, a bucket of candies, or even a single-serve bottle of liquor.

You can send this gift anonymously to your neighbors or send it as a fun “ring and run” gift. It will set off the neighborhood fun! You can even get the free printable and send it to your neighbors’ inbox. Make sure to leave a nice note, as well!

The “You’ve Been Boozed” printable fits over most bottles of wine or hard alcohol. The printable makes a cute adult “Boo Basket.” Pair it with some fun “This is Boos” cups from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff. You’ll find all sorts of fun “Booze” printables.

These printables are perfect for parties and bachelorette parties! The printables come with easy to follow instructions. You can also add drink mix to make a Bloody Mary or a Margarita. These “You’ve Been Boozed” printables are fun and easy to use.

To give your neighbors a fun and creative way to celebrate Halloween, why not add a “You’ve Been Boozed” printable to the Boo baskets? You can attach the printable to a basket or bag, or hang it from the doorbell. The boozed person will be sure to answer!

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