Wilford Brimley Net Worth

Wilford Brimley Net Worth – How Much Does Wilford Brimley Earn?

Wilford Brimley is an American actor best known for his stout frame, walrus mustache, and endearing performances of curmudgeons in film and television. Over his lengthy career he made over 70 movies and TV shows appearances while doing popular Quaker Oats commercials, Liberty Medical ads and American Diabetes Association ads – also his death at 85 was caused by English, Scottish, Danish Welsh German ancestry.

Born Anthony Wilford Brimley and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah with his Mormon mother and real estate broker father, he dropped out of high school at 14 to work as a cowboy throughout Idaho, Arizona, and Nevada before enrolling in the US Marine Corps and serving in Korea as part of his discharge responsibilities. Following discharge he found work as a wrangler, ranch hand, blacksmith – also serving as bodyguard to Howard Hughes himself! – eventually moving to Los Angeles to begin shoeing horses for movie production before becoming involved as extra or stuntman roles by Robert Duvall’s suggestion as suggested by fellow actor Robert Duvall to act extra or stuntman roles within Western genre films based around theme.

In the ’80s, he appeared in numerous movies such as Brubaker (1980) with Robert Redford and Yaphet Kotto; Cocoon; The Thing; In & Out and was even a regular on popular television shows like The Waltons as Grandpa Walton; additionally he co-starred alongside Tom Cruise in 1993 thriller film “The Firm.”

Recently, he has made appearances in several independent productions such as Lunker Lake, Chapter Perfect and Progeny. Additionally, he was featured as a regular guest on American Dad! in 2009.

Personal life: He married twice: the first was to Lynne Bagley and produced four children together; later he wed Beverly Berry and they remained in relationship until his death. Additionally, he participated in charitable work by founding Hands Across the Saddle organization; finally being laid to rest at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Hollywood California.

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