Unh Business Services

UNH Business Services has responded to students’ questions regarding the unjust charges by saying they will be considering refunds sometime in October or after Thanksgiving break. The question facing students now is how to figure out how much of a refund they should expect if they do not use their services before the break. Aside from that, they have yet to explain what they will do with the time and resources they have already used.

UNH Business Services works with various colleges and departments to provide comprehensive financial operations for students. Their staff works closely with faculty members and handles tuition billing and payments for undergraduate and graduate students. For example, Cassie Devine works as a clinical care technician at Tufts University and works at UNH Business Services to handle the tuition billing for her students.

Another area of UNH Business Services is the processing of outside scholarships. The process requires careful tracking of pending credit memos and posting of scholarship funds. Additionally, the coordinator has to deal with contact between donors and students. Other duties may include oversight of an imaging operation and scanning documents. These duties can be varied depending on the specific scholarship.

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