Tyrus Greg Gutfeld Net Worth

Tyrus Greg Gutfeld Net Worth

Tyrus Greg Gutfeld has made waves in the entertainment world for many years now, growing rapidly since his first debut. An accomplished individual, Tyrus has achieved much in wrestling and acting – winning awards and garnering numerous accolades – along with taking multiple degrees from world renowned universities to advance his professional life. His net worth continues to skyrocket.

Pawn Power, owned and managed by him, supplies products to police departments for their training and safety requirements. Other ventures of his include production house services and online streaming service platforms; additionally he has appeared in multiple movies and television series and serves as an inspirational figure for younger generations.

Tyrus of Fox News knows the value of wise investments to create wealth. By making his fortune grow over time through these means, he has managed to build his fortune while protecting both himself and his family’s future.

Tyrus currently is unmarried and prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye. He lives in Mandeville, Louisiana and has been an avid WWE fan ever since he was young. Tyrus made an appearance as Mighty Tom Jackson in Glow, is regularly a guest on The Greg Gutfeld Show and hosts Fox Nation show Un-PC as well as making numerous television show appearances including Outnumbered, MacGyver and GLOW.

George Murdoch aka Tyrus has made his living through various means, from wrestling ring work to television commentary work and commentary hosting roles such as on The Greg Gutfeld Show or Fox & Friends; his autobiography Just Tyrus: A Memoir was even featured as a New York Times bestseller!

Current earnings include $350,000 per episode of The Greg Gutfeld Show – equivalent to around $2 Million annually – as well as additional earnings from appearances on other Fox News programs, political commentary work and acting roles. He is a wonderful father to all his children equally and thoroughly adores them equally. Ingrid Rinck gave birth to their two sons Rhett and Rock while previously they shared Georgia Jane with an ex-partner. Additionally, they raised his ex-partner’s two sons (one boy and one girl). All children in his care receive equal love from their dad! He thoroughly enjoys his job and strives to improve himself on an ongoing basis. Never one to sit back and relax, he believes hard work is the cornerstone of success and strives towards it relentlessly. He serves as an example for everyone and has a stellar work ethic which inspires all around him – something his fans greatly respect and admire him for.

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