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Chelcie Lynn Net Worth – Actress and Comedian

Chelcie Lynn is a Southern redneck comedian known for her comedy videos on Vine. She is also famous for her character Trailer Trash Tammy. She has over 10 million followers on YouTube and Instagram.

Chelcie Lynn has appeared on various comedy shows and has been involved in feature films, as well. Her comedy clips have earned her many fans and have increased her popularity and wealth. The net worth of Chelcie Lynn is estimated to be over a million dollars. It could be higher, as she has already made a name for herself and has accumulated a lot of money from her various performances.

The internet star started her career as a stand-up comic. She was discovered by Tammy Baldwin who saw her talents. She was then cast in the first movie Tangerine, which starred Karren Karagulian. This movie was successful and grossed about 700 thousand dollars at the box office.

Chelcie Lynn grew up in Oklahoma City, USA. In her early years, she lived with her grandmother and two younger sisters. Her parents were alcoholics. Eventually, they moved to San Diego, California. When she was still a child, she began starring in comedic videos on Vine. These videos were based on stereotypes of trailer park residents.

Earlier, she worked as a food reviewer. Later, she was a stand-up comedian. She was a member of the “Vine Superstars” team on Vine. After the platform was shut down, she moved to YouTube and Instagram. Soon after, she had over 200,000 followers on Instagram. As she became popular, she was able to earn more money by selling merchandise. There are a number of her products available on the web, including lip lube and t-shirts.

Lynn has also appeared on Facebook Watch and Funny or Die’s Coach Von Pidgeon. Her videos have accumulated more than one hundred and thirty million views. Most of these views have come from her Vine videos. Currently, she is working on prank series on various platforms.

Chelcie Lynn is married to Greg Melton. She has two younger sisters: Beth Franks and Katie. They are both American citizens by birth. However, neither has confirmed if they have any children.

Besides being an actress and comedian, Chelcie has a website, which is now closed. She has been performing for over ten years and has gained a lot of popularity. Previously, she did not reveal much about her personal life. Nonetheless, she has a supportive husband.

Chelcie Lynn has a lot of interesting facts about her life. For instance, she has never revealed her educational background, and she has kept her personal details private. Some of her merchandise include bobble heads, t-shirts and calendars. Among her most popular videos are her videos on her character Trailer Trash Tammy. Many people have laughed at her vines, which have earned her a great amount of money.

Having such a large fan base and following, it is safe to say that Chelcie Lynn is a big success. As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be a whopping $5 million.

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