Tonya Couch Net Worth

Tonya Couch Net Worth – How Much Is Tonya Couch Worth?

Tonya Couch has earned herself an esteemed place among celebrities worldwide due to her hard work. Furthermore, she serves as an example for younger people to emulate and admire.

She has amassed an immense fan base on social media sites, which accounts for her fame. Through this fame, she has amassed wealth as well as earned respect and admiration in acting and filmmaking fields.

According to some sources, her estimated net worth as of 2018 stands at roughly 11.7 Million US Dollars. Her primary source of income comes from acting and film production – she has made several successful movies that she acted in while also appearing in several popular TV shows and hosting various events.

Her father Fred Couch owns Cleburne Metal Works, which provides large scale metal roofing. The firm generates approximately $9.59 million annually. She has two highly educated children.

Ethan Couch was arrested in 2015 for breaching his probation by traveling with his mother to Mexico, violating their travel restrictions and engaging in illicit activity there. He was sentenced to 720 days in jail while she was charged with hindering apprehension of felons; they both returned home, where their trials are currently pending.

Jean Boyle has come under intense fire for her ruling in Ethan’s case that allowed him to use the “affluenza” defense and avoid prison. But she maintains that her decision was based on facts in the case and not her personal feelings about Ethan or his family.

At trial, a psychologist testified that Ethan was coddled by his wealthy parents and did not take anything away from his first drunk driving incident. According to him, the teenager did not grasp that his actions could cause serious injury or death to others and this is why his attorney used an “affluenza” defense.

Her mother is currently being held at Tarrant County Jail on charges of probation violation and has petitioned the court for financial assistance, stating she cannot afford her legal fees and is unable to secure work due to her notoriety.

She currently has a net worth of 11.7 Million US dollars as of 2018, and boasts many fans on social media sites. She serves as a role model for many young people, motivating them to work hard in their fields. Additionally, she is an accomplished actress who has appeared in multiple movies and television shows, sang many award-winning performances, hosted multiple events with great success, has many followers on her social media accounts as well as hosting popular TV show programs as a host. In addition, she published a book on acting.

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