Tony Iommi Net Worth

Tony Iommi Net Worth

Tony Iommi Net Worth is an English musician best known as guitarist for Black Sabbath. Widely considered one of the greatest guitarists ever, his work revolutionized heavy metal genre and gave birth to subgenres such as stoner rock, grunge rock, thrash metal and doom metal. Born in 1948 and hailing from Birmingham England; Iommi was part of several bands before joining with Bill Ward and Geezer Butler to form Black Sabbath in 1968.

He was an immensely popular musician who won multiple awards during his career, such as a Grammy Award, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Kerrang! Icon Award, among many others. Additionally, he was widely loved and had millions of followers around the globe.

Forbes estimates Iommi to have amassed a net worth of $245 Million thanks to his successful stock investments, substantial property holdings, and lucrative endorsement contracts – such as CoverGirl cosmetics ads he featured in. Furthermore, he launched his own brand of vodka as well as clothing lines.

Iommi has contributed much of his fortune to charity over his lifetime. His foundation assists homeless individuals, while his guitar-string jewelry sales raised over $19,000 for Birmingham Hospital. Furthermore, Iommi established his own cancer support charity with which to provide aid to cancer patients and their families.

Iommi has been married three times. His first marriage, Susan Snowdon, ended three years after they began courting; three years later they parted ways; in 1980 he married model Melinda but divorced again in the mid 80s; later that decade he married Valery but that union ended as well; finally in 2005 he wed vocalist Maria Sjoholm.

Iommi is an avid golfer with his own course on his estate in England. He has won multiple tournaments, such as the 2008 Masters Tournament. Additionally, he participates in charitable golf tournaments in his free time and loves spending quality time with family.

Tony Iommi is married twice; first to Melinda and now Maria. They share one daughter. Tony Iommi is an avid Aston Villa supporter. When not on tour he can be found relaxing on the beach or taking long drives; spending time with his grandchildren or taking part in his favorite sport: cycling. Tony Iommi lives a fascinating life that inspires many others by showing that no matter what challenges arise in life there is always hope; leaving an incredible legacy and forever changing music industry through his brilliant artistic creativity!

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