Three Jerks Jerky Net Worth 2021

Three Jerks Jerky Net Worth 2021

Three Jerks Jerky has thrived since appearing on Shark Tank. Now boasting annual revenue exceeding $4 Million, its founders Jordan Barrocas and Daniel Fogelson have taken a backseat role while maintaining ownership in significant stake.

The pair spent considerable time testing different cuts of meat to find one with the perfect flavor and quality, eventually choosing filet mignon as it is much tenderer than top or bottom round cuts and avoid MSG, artificial ingredients or preservatives altogether. Their home kitchen now plays host to their homemade jerky making using an old dehydrator given to Barrocas by his mother.

At their pitch on Shark Tank, founders are clearly passionate about their product. They do an outstanding job highlighting key features and benefits while providing details about distribution channels and target markets – which allow the Sharks to assess the business plan more objectively.

After their presentation, all four Sharks are very interested in making an investment decision and offer terms to the entrepreneurs. Daymond John offers $100,000 for 15% equity stake and with an option to acquire another 15% in future. Kevin O’Leary makes his offer at 33% but believes they have undervalued him significantly.

Robert Herjavec is an enthusiastic supporter of Three Jerks Jerky, offering $100,000 for 20% of the company. He believes he can assist them in meeting their growth objectives. Lori Greiner also shows an interest and offers similar terms.

Three Jerks Jerky can be found at major retail chains and can also be purchased online. Their founders have expanded the product lineup to include jerky-flavored popcorn and pet treats; some of their jerky has even been sent into space on SpaceX rockets!

Recently on Shark Tank, the team proudly reported they are “knee-deep in filet mignon.” Since their episode aired, sales of their company have steadily increased – now being offered in over 3000 retailers and some of the finest restaurants nationwide! Production capabilities are being expanded as a co-packer has recently been hired and they hope to enter international markets!

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