The Pink Cupcake Creations

Pink Cupcake Creations

While Pink may be known for her adorable pink cupcake creations, her culinary adventures also extend to more than just her sweet tooth. In an online video, she made ravioli and drank red wine while baking. She then began to bake sourdough bread. It’s no surprise that her creations are loved by the entire world, and her fans too. Pink shared her favorite recipes with us, and you can try them yourself!


Treat yourself to boozy treats such as alcohol pink cupcakes when life gets hard. Alcoholic baked goods are an easy way to celebrate a special occasion. These delicious treats will brighten your mood, no matter what occasion it is, such as an anniversary, birthday, or child’s party. These confections are so delicious that you can eat them in public because of the alcohol. And the good news is, they are surprisingly tasty.

Sourdough bread

The sourdough bread can be used to make delicious cupcakes, but it’s not just for fans of the singer. Sourdough bread is also a popular ingredient in salads. In a recent video posted on her Facebook page, Pink was baking ravioli while drinking red wine. Pink was inspired to make sourdough bread after this experience. Here are some of her creations.

The first step is to prepare the sourdough starter. After making the sourdough starter, you need to add sixty grams of fresh flour and 60 grams of filtered water to it. Add the flour gradually until the sourdough is ready to be baked. Place the starter in a warm place to rest for four to seven days. Bake your cupcakes once the sourdough has risen to room temperature.

The sourdough starter can also be used to leaven other food. You can, for example, substitute baking powder for the sourdough starter in quick bread recipes. Sourdough can be used to make delicious bread and pizza dough. Sourdough also adds a unique flavor to soups. You can make cupcakes in a pan if you don’t have the time.

Cupcake toppings

Make your next pink cupcakes even better with these fun decorations. You can get a 9043 Color Burst decoration cupcake liner tomorrow! And if you can’t wait that long, Disney Minnie Mouse pink birthday party cupcake toppers are a great option too. These 15 card cupcake toppers can be printed instantly! The perfect finishing touch to your pink birthday cupcakes! There are so many ways to personalize your cupcakes, and we have some great tips and tricks for you to follow!


The Pink Cupcake Decorating Kit comes with 12 paper baking cups and flag picks featuring cute cupcake cutouts. While some of the cupcakes may come slightly misshapen, the kits are still a great option for girls themed birthday parties. These decorations come in different sizes, but they’re sure to be cute! Baking cups measure 7cm in width at the top. Flag picks measure 8cm in length and have 2.5cm-wide cutouts on the paper.

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