Tania Speaks Net Worth

Tania Speaks Net Worth

Tania Speaks of Baltimore gained fame after appearing on the hit show Shark Tank in January 2022. Since then, she has established Tania Speaks Organic Skincare which specializes in natural and organic beauty products such as facial cleansers, resurfacing toners and eyebrow gel made using all-natural ingredients. Alongside running her business successfully while attending Hofstra University as well, Speaks has managed to successfully balance running both ventures simultaneously.

Tania Speaks of Baltimore successfully expanded her business to the point that she required investment capital for further expansion. When this became necessary, she pitched it on Shark Tank seeking $400,000 in exchange for 10% equity of her company – eventually striking a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban, who offered the necessary funding. Since then, Tania Speaks has made great strides forward and expanded internationally thanks to their advice as well.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Tania Speaks had already attained national prominence through media outlets like Forbes and Reality Titbit. But her national recognition came after making her appearance on the show and impressing all five sharks with her business plan and strategy for her company despite only being 19 at the time. Ultimately she managed to convince all five that it would be an enormous success!

Tania’s product proved an instant hit on Shark Tank, selling many units immediately following its airing. Following that success on TV, Tania Speaks saw her revenue triple within one year – now available worldwide in more than 30 countries! – and continues working hard at expanding it further.

Tania has since been featured in multiple publications and media outlets such as Forbes, Cosmopolitan and NBC – serving as an inspirational figure to other teen entrepreneurs and showing that with drive and determination success can be found in business.

Tania Speaks has been featured in various magazines since her reality show premiered, yet seems to have avoided social media since its airing. Since the show aired, her official Instagram account hasn’t been updated in over a year and no new content has been posted to Facebook either. Still, Tania continues to expand her business while inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs; through hard work and dedication she will surely see success soon enough; until then fans can keep informed by visiting Tania’s website regularly for news from Tania.

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