Steve Hornady Net Worth 2021

Steve Hornady Net Worth 2021

Steve Hornady has built his name within the firearms industry as an advocate of generosity and employee treatment. A staunch supporter of the National Rifle Association and board member since 2000, Steve also founded Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute and had an enormous passion for hunting and shooting as an avid shooter himself. A tireless champion for his industry.

Hornady originally started out his business in 1949 as a retailer, offering sporting equipment such as baseball bats, basketball balls, tennis rackets and tennis racquets to customers. But by the early ’50s he began experimenting with bullets for hunting and target shooting – finding that with each tweak to designs came improved ammunition performance; his success led to expanding manufacturing facilities as well as providing an entire line of reloading equipment to his company.

Hornady took over leadership of his company one year after his father died in an aircraft crash. Since then, he has overseen its continual innovation and expansion by more than tripling Grand Island’s facility size while hiring hundreds of people.

Hornady often attributes their success to their employees. Many Hornady employees are accomplished hunters and shooters themselves, which fosters teamwork that often yields new product ideas. He credits his parents with giving him an enduring work ethic which has propelled his career forward.

Hornady remains committed to his values that his father instilled him with, frequently making donations to wildlife conservation and gun rights organizations and serving on boards such as Sporting Arms and Ammunition Institute, National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation – not to mention being an advisory council member for American Hunting and Conservation Foundation.

Steve prioritizes employee happiness and health, and keeps the company at the cutting-edge of innovation. Additionally, Steve enjoys trap and skeet shooting as well as goat hunting – although admittedly has lost more goats than won!

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