Sridhar Pinnapureddy Net Worth

Sridhar Pinnapureddy – Forbes India Exclusive

As the founding CEO and first generation entrepreneur behind CtrlS Datacenters, CtrlS Group and Cloud4C, he has led his organization to become Asia Pacific’s largest Rated-4 datacenter with presence across 25 countries serving 60 Fortune 500 Global Multinationals as well as India. As an esteemed thought leader within Datacenter & IT Infrastructure industry he has spearheaded over 200 innovations.

Sridhar Pinnapureddy’s journey towards success wasn’t straightforward. After experiencing failure with his internet service venture Pioneer Internet, the 46-year-old technology-focused entrepreneur decided on taking an alternative path and opened his first data centers in 2005.

Today, his CtrlS group operates Asia’s Largest and Most Energy Efficient Rated-4 Datacenters as well as Cloud Managed Services through Cloud4C. Their footprint extends across 20 countries worldwide with over 4,000 customers including 60 Fortune 500 Global Multinationals and three of the Top 5 Hyperscalers among them.

Sridhar’s main objective as an entrepreneur is not just making a lot of money; his primary focus is making a positive difference for both people and planet alike. A proponent of green initiatives, sustainability measures, and handing on a better world to future generations. In an exclusive interview with Forbes India he shares details about his journey so far and the support from his team in reaching such great success; further sharing how they are progressing toward becoming one of the largest datacenter companies globally.

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