Simon Huck Net Worth

Simon Huck Net Worth – Celebrity Publicist and Business Executive

Simon Huck is a well-recognized celebrity publicist and business executive who has made considerable profits throughout his career. His company, Command PR, represents some of Hollywood’s most celebrated figures and boasts an extensive clientele. According to some estimates, Huck earns approximately $10 Million yearly through his business activities.

He was born November 5, 1983, in Ottawa, Canada, and attended Canterbury High School before enrolling at Queen’s University in Kingston. Following this he moved to New York City where he began working with celebrity publicist Lizzie Grubman before eventually purchasing Command PR from Jonathan Cheban and becoming its sole owner.

Huck and Cheban debuted as reality stars with The Spin Crowd reality show in 2010, chronicling their work at their company. It quickly gained them popularity with audiences worldwide. Later, Huck and Cheban decided to expand their career by appearing on various unscripted television programs.

These shows included Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, and Kourtney and Kim Take New York – each showing the two as friends who worked together at an agency. Over time they decided to relaunch Command Entertainment Group as Command Entertainment Group in 2017.

This company has experienced great success and now ranks among the premier PR agencies nationwide. Clientele for the firm includes celebrities, professional athletes, designers and other big-name figures. Their team of specialists collaborate with each client individually to devise a tailor-made strategy designed to help them meet their goals.

Not only do they specialize in celebrity publicity campaigns, the company also provides other services like event planning and social media management. Recently they unveiled Judy – emergency preparedness products designed to aid survival during earthquakes or natural disasters.

Simon attempts to keep his personal life private and only disclose details pertinent to his business. Nonetheless, there have been reports of his connection with Kim Kardashian’s family; according to these rumors they allegedly are dating or close.

This couple can often be seen hanging out and spending time together, attending public events and social gatherings together, but its exact nature remains unknown as they remain very secretive about it. Although close, neither have been romantic partners; nonetheless they have provided each other with support in terms of careers, business ventures and friendship. Often seen shopping or vacationing together.

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