Shawn Fonteno Net Worth

Shawn Fonteno Net Worth – How Much Does Shawn Fonteno Earn?

Shawn Fonteno is an American actor, voice actor, rapper, and DJ best known for his role as Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V using motion capture technology. Additionally he voiced a small character in GTA San Andreas. Shawn enjoys riding and customizing Harley Davidson motorcycles; numerology considers him to be living his Life Path Number 9 life path meaning they constantly strive for new experiences and personal development.

He hails from Watts, Los Angeles and attended Locke High School. As a teenager he joined an African-American gang which led him into illegal activities such as car theft and drug sales before nearly dying in a gang war caused him to change course and begin rapping under the name Kam & Solo Records of Ice Cube.

His career as a voice actor has enabled him to amass over $1 Million through acting ventures. He has appeared in movies and TV shows such as Grow House, The Wash, 3 Strikes and Watch Dogs as well as providing voice-over work for Grand Theft Auto V and Beef II games – not forgetting his book called “The Lost Years”.

As part of his other work, he has also participated in music projects and composed several songs for movies. At present, he is working on an album with his son; previously, he collaborated with other established musicians.

Fonteno has an engaging personality, making him an exceptional actor and singer. His sense of humor enables him to easily engage the audience. Furthermore, his attractive appearance includes being tall with slim features and brown eyes.

Since 2000, he has participated in eight acting and voiceover projects, receiving nominations in various fields within the industry for each.

As part of his other notable works, the actor voiced various characters for video games including Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Online as well as Dogstar: High School 2, 3 Strikes and Shawn Fonteno’s Story (documentary).

His Wiki page indicates he has completed eight acting and voice-over projects to his credit, as well as being active across social media platforms where he has amassed quite the following; Instagram boasts 419K followers while Twitter holds 55K. Furthermore, Tiktok offers 20K+ followers for him while Facebook and YouTube channels have also been verified accounts. Furthermore, he’s an avid motorsports enthusiast with multiple tattoos to his name – not to mention having an incredible home in California!

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