Shawn Ellington Net Worth

Shawn Ellington Net Worth

Shawn Ellington, more commonly known by his TV persona Murder Nova, rose to fame after appearing on numerous unscripted reality shows. At 44, Ellington amassed an impressive net worth thanks to his racing career and car modifications; currently the fastest racer on Discovery channel’s Street Outlaws series; co-owns Midwest Street Cars alongside Big Chief (known for being known as king of street outlaws).

Shawn began his professional journey at an early age by working alongside his father in an automotive garage. He would help sweep and clean, while also customizing cars during free time. Shawn loved cars from a young age and became fascinated by their science; his father owned an auto body shop so taught him everything there was to know. Later he relocated to Sayre in Oklahoma where he spent much of his life.

His family is an integral part of his life, and he treasures spending time with them. He and Erin married in 2005 and have since had one son named Aiden whom he adores and considers the greatest blessing in his life. Together they love cars and often work on them in their garage together.

As a professional racer, he enjoys an impressive salary. For each episode that he appears in, as well as winning races himself, he receives $20000 plus any earnings from winning races themselves. Furthermore, Midwest Street Cars, co-owned with him by two others provides another income source.

He has several sponsorship deals with several companies, such as Ford and Hot Rod Magazine. As an automotive personality whose popularity has skyrocketed since appearing on reality shows, his fame and recognition has lead to endorsement deals as well.

Murder Nova is a very dedicated individual who puts family first in everything that he does, especially racing. A tireless worker, his passion is evident from how he treats both family members and fans alike – we wish him nothing but the best in all his future endeavors!

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