Sharp No Jumper Net Worth

Sharp No Jumper Net Worth

Adam22 (real name Adam Grandmaison), is widely respected as an authoritative voice within the hip-hop scene. His podcast “No Jumper” offers interviews with rappers and other popular figures from pop culture. Furthermore, Grandmaison founded ONSOMESHIT BMX clothing brand and team in his home state of Oregon; furthermore he amassed considerable clout within TikTok communities as an influential social media figure.

He has amassed an immense following on YouTube and his videos have amassed millions of views. Aside from YouTube, he also maintains multiple social media accounts – boasting over 4.5 million subscribers on Instagram and over 1.4 billion total views across his channels combined. In 2022 he appeared at a TEDx Talk and gave dating advice to entrepreneurs appearing on Shark Tank.

Sharp no Jumper’s estimated net worth exceeds $4 Million dollars, generated primarily through YouTube advertisements and merchandise sales on his website, such as T-shirts, Hoodies and Phone cases. In addition, he streams his gameplay via Twitch from time to time.

His Minecraft series has garnered over one million views on YouTube. Additionally, he runs a gaming channel where he streams various titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty – in addition to many other gaming videos on his channel and is well-recognized as a streamer in gaming circles.

He has previously collaborated with numerous companies and brands to produce content for them, creating video game ‘Jumper’ as well as maintaining an active Twitter and Facebook presence.

Although he remains popular, controversies have arisen regarding both his personal life and behavior on the show. He has been accused of racism and sexism as well as interviewing white supremacists and antisemitic figures; one of his cohosts left after interviewing Richard Spencer and Nick Fuentes.

Grandmaison has an estranged relationship with many of his staff members. According to Lush One in Rolling Stone’s reporting, No Jumper higher-ups prioritized creating content over taking care of their staff’s well-being and mental sanity. Lush One says tension existed among co-hosts while morale among Black and Jewish employees dropped dramatically when Grandmaison started platforming hate figures.

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