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Antony Cotton Has a Net Worth of $4 Million

Wood Winnin, known for his music venture Say Cheese TV, recently defeated Shawn Cotton in a celebrity boxing match and received congratulations from Floyd Mayweather after beating him.

Cotton, 67, and his wife Shery established Meridian Health Plan as a family business in 1997 in Michigan – now known by its original name “Health Plan of Michigan.” Their headquarters can be found on One Campus Martius in Detroit.

Early Life and Education

Antony Cotton is an English actor best known for his portrayal of Sean Tully on Coronation Street. He has appeared in over 1,400 episodes. Additionally, Antony can also be seen regularly as Damon on The Bill and Alexander Perry from Queer as Folk as well as playing his starring role on ITV’s Educating Yorkshire series.

In 1997, the Cotton family founded Health Plan of Michigan which later evolved to Meridian Health Plan of Michigan two years later. Now with over 300,000 members and being the state’s largest Medicaid HMO provider. According to public records, Jon and Shery Cotton as well as their three sons now own all shares in Meridian as their majority shareholders; additionally they hold investments across Southeast Michigan as well as stakes in Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert’s businesses.

Professional Career

Subscribers of the Grosse Pointe News have long known what to expect when picking up their Thursday edition: community news, wedding announcements, crime updates, and an editorial making an educated argument in favor of some worthy cause.

Cotton was previously the Specialist-in-Chief for Obstetrics and Gynecology at Detroit Medical Center before starting Health Plan of Michigan as a Medicaid HMO company. According to Cotton, his father encouraged him to think big and aim high. Although GPPSS’ success has already been achieved, Cotton believes it remains vital that GPPSS remains ambitious at this moment in time.

Sauce Wood Winnin of Sauce Walka’s is making headlines after taking down Shawn Cotton in a celebrity boxing match and winning in spectacular fashion – earning him recognition from Floyd Mayweather himself! His victory set off an online buzz.

Achievement and Honors

Sauce Wood Winnin and Shawn Cotton, who form part of rap group Sauce Walka, have become familiar faces from Coronation Street and Queer as Folk. He owns Say Cheese TV – an impressive $2.2 million media entity – as well as being known for their roles on Coronation Street and Queer as Folk respectively. Recently they made headlines after winning a celebrity boxing match held against Shawn Cotton held in Tempe Arizona with Floyd Mayweather calling to offer his congratulations following their knockout victory – giving an enormous boost to their careers while raising expectations among audiences everywhere else. Sauce told Money that staying focused was key in order to succeeding in winning his victory in his bout against Cotton as opposed to trying too hard as soon enough would finish him off during their fight vs Cotton at that particular event.

Personal Life

Sean Cotton settled north of Muskoka in Almaguin Highlands after leaving his former band and spent more time writing songs that would ultimately become his 2019 solo record Only in Muskoka – an album celebrating both its beauty and rough spots.

Subscription to the Grosse Pointe News was once an established ritual; subscribers knew exactly what they could expect when opening it – community news, wedding announcements, a crime news round-up and an opinion page which rarely made waves. All that changed when Sean, Jon and Michael Cotton purchased it as owners.

Over a decade, Shery and her sons’ generosity and investments gave Grosse Pointe Park’s commercial district an undeniable luster. Additionally, they support various public causes in their community.

Net Worth

Antony Cotton has amassed a net worth of $4 Million. He is best known for playing Sean Tully on Coronation Street as well as appearing in other television series such as Queer as Folk (Alexander Perry), The Bill (Damon) and Absolutely Fabulous as Georgia Girl. Cotton also made several films including Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon, Immortality and Let’s Dance for Comic Relief.

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