Rozonda Thomas Net Worth

Rozonda Thomas Net Worth – How Much Is Rozonda Thomas Worth?

Rozonda Thomas is an esteemed American singer, actress and dancer best known as one of the founding members of TLC (one of the top-selling girl groups of the 1990s). Thomas also enjoyed a limited solo career and appeared on several television shows; thanks to her music sales, movies appearances, TV appearances and appearance fees she earned a considerable fortune; amassing an extensive car collection as well as owning properties throughout America.

Thomas has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 Million. She first joined TLC as Crystal Jones’ replacement in 1991, becoming one of the most beloved girl groups of their era. Through selling album sales and live performances by TLC albums she amassed significant wealth, as well as authorship. Thomas also stars in several television shows and movies.

She hails from a multicultural American background. Her mother hails from Tongan and Puerto Rican ancestry while her father possesses Bengali bloodlines. Raised by her single mother and attending Seventh-day Adventist church as a child, she later graduated from Benjamin Elijah Mays High School in 1989.

R&B singer has long been active in the entertainment industry and has completed many successful projects. She has won multiple awards for her efforts and amassed an international fan base; consequently her net worth has steadily grown over time due to hard work and dedication; to give you a clear idea of her worth TheRichest has compiled some key financial details about yearly salaries, contracts and earn outs to provide an estimate.

Thomas has proven herself an exceptional singer and actress alike, appearing in several TV shows and movies such as That 70s Show, A Diva’s Christmas Carol, Living Single and Strong Medicine. Additionally, she has hosted various reality shows as well as appeared as a guest on various talk shows.

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Thomas is a dedicated mother to two children whom she gave birth to, an avid animal lover with two dogs named Chilli and Zoey as pets, and also involved in charitable activities through Chilli’s Crew which provides educational resources to inner city youth while raising funds for cancer research and treatment programs. We wish Thomas the very best in all her future endeavours!

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