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Ronnie Fieg Net Worth – Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Family, Affair, Wiki & Facts

Ronnie Fieg’s Net Worth, Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Family, Marriage Affair Wiki & Facts are outlined here.

American Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur and Retailer Kith NYC owner has amassed an impressive net worth. Renowned for collaborating with some of the biggest shoe brands worldwide such as Reebok and having his shoes worn by celebrities such as Bella Hadid; also an active presence on social media with over 34,000 Instagram followers!

Ronnie Fieg was born 16th June 1982 in Queens, New York and began his professional journey by working for his uncle’s footwear chain David Z as a stock boy and salesperson at thirteen. Over time he would become manager and head buyer gaining valuable knowledge and experience about shoes from this opportunity.

At 24, Fieg opened his own boutique shoe store in New York City – Kith. Within three years, this retail establishment blossomed into a lifestyle brand featuring signature sneakers designed by Fieg himself. He quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the most influential sneaker designers globally.

He is best-known for his numerous sneaker collaborations with some of the world’s biggest shoe companies such as Adidas, PUMA and New Balance. Through these collaborations he has created an aesthetic synonymous with hip, design-conscious masculinity. Wearing sweatpants paired with tailored topcoats and collecting retro coupes and Air Jordans have become emblematic of this type of guy; his store’s sparkling shoe racks and carefully selected merchandise epitomize this aesthetic.

Fieg is known for his footwear line, The Drop podcast and various collaborations with brands like Reebok and Kith. Furthermore, he serves as a celebrity endorser for several products.

Ronnie Fieg shoes can be found in over 50 countries worldwide and his client list has included celebrities such as Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Tupac.

Fieg has the potential to substantially grow his net worth in the future. He is an intelligent businessman who knows how to utilize all of his skills effectively. He maintains an exemplary work ethic while taking calculated risks with each venture he undertakes. Furthermore, his knowledge of footwear industry allows him to continuously find ways to innovate his product line.

Ronnie Fieg reportedly currently has an estimated net worth of approximately $3 Million according to sources, although this may change at any time. Disclaimer: Please remember that any advice found here should not be used as financial advice and before making any investment decisions consult a professional advisor first. Also keep in mind that any net worth and salary figures displayed here could differ significantly from your actual income depending on social factors; please see here for our disclosure policy for more information on paid posts like this one.

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