Rolando Romero Net Worth

Rolando Romero Net Worth

Rolando Romero of Las Vegas boasts a huge fan following and is on his way to becoming world champion. A highly skilled fighter with only one defeat to date in his career – currently competing for WBA (Regular) lightweight title; 14 matches won outright so far!

Young champion is a devout Christian of multiracial American heritage and hails from a very good family environment. Since starting his professional boxing career in 2016, he has quickly made himself known for being an exceptionally talented boxer with the charisma necessary to become one of sports industry’s brightest stars.

Rolando Romero is an incredibly gifted and fast fighter with an exceptional knockout percentage, winning many fans both locally and globally. His positive personality helps him stay focused on pursuing his goals; additionally he loves sharing experiences through social media channels such as Twitter.

Romero was born October 14, 1995 in Las Vegas, Nevada and is 26 years old at present. He stands 5ft 8 inches. Romero hails from American boxing with Cuban heritage on both his father’s side. As an experienced boxer who boasts extensive knowledge about his craft and an extremely high level of endurance and stamina.

His professional career began in 2016, when he defeated David Courtney by technical knockout at Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall in Sunrise Manor, Nevada. Following this fight he went on to fight Adrian Levya in 2017 and won that match by an unprecedented score of 2-0.

Since 2013 he has amassed an outstanding 8-0 record, with all but one match ending via stoppage. Notable appearances have included Porter vs Ugas on which he scored an incredible knockout against Nicolas Martinez; Garcia vs Granados where he won by knockout against Andres Figueroa; and others.

At present, he is in training to fight Gervonta Davis at Barclays Center in New York. The boxer is extremely confident of winning this battle.

Rumor has it that boxer Romero once had an intimate relationship with an unnamed girl and began boxing to impress her and show his skill at the sport. Unfortunately, their relationship ended eventually and Romero is currently single – preferring his career over distractions from relationships – although he does hope one day he might meet someone who understands his dedication to boxing.

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