Rochy Rd Net Worth

Rocco RD Net Worth

Rocco Rd Net Worth is a dominican rapper that has amassed an extensive fan base. His songs and albums are greatly loved by his listeners, making his nation proud with each success that he achieves through hard work and perseverance. Rocco has won various awards in music including EI Malo Soy yo, Decomputao Alta Gama among many others.

Rochy Rd’s YouTube channel boasts more than 4 million subscribers after it launched five years ago with 210 videos uploaded focusing on music, hip hop, Latin America music and Latin culture – it estimates earning between $30 thousand to $92.9 thousand per month.

His most popular song “Her Ella No Es Tuya” has garnered over 4 million streams on Spotify and 133 million views on YouTube, garnering praise from Rolling Stone for his high-octane Creole rap music. Born Aderly Ramirez Oviedo but more commonly known by his stage name Rocky Repdom; 42 years old with roots in Dominican Republic.

Rochy RD is a proud family man and father to Gabriel. He’s upfront with media about his personal life and doesn’t try to hide anything. His generosity towards fans is legendary and has always shown gratitude towards them; though not much is discussed regarding his wife or relationship status – though closeness exists between himself and Gabriel; neither party ever talk much about each other; instead Rochy serves as an excellent father/husband who serves as an inspiration to young people thanks to music and lifestyle that inspire young people around him – becoming an idol among young people of his nation through all that work that he does; making everyone around him proud with what his work achieves; in short he is an idol who inspires all young people across his nation by doing what he does; which means all young people around his country see him idolized as well by all that he does; makes them proud too.

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