Robert Neulander Net Worth

Robert Neulander Net Worth – The Doctor Convicted of the 2012 Death of His Wife

On Thursday, a former upstate New York doctor was found guilty of killing his wife and staging the scene to make it look like an accident. This marks the second conviction against Leslie Neulander since her death at their DeWitt home in 2012. A prior verdict had been overturned due to juror violations during trial proceedings – they read news reports or texted.

Robert Neulander was living a comfortable life in DeWitt with his wife and two children from his previous marriage when his beloved wife, Nancy was tragically killed there in their 8,000 square-foot mansion. A well-respected gynecologist/obstetrician with their own practice as well as generous contributions made towards charitable organizations he was an expert gynecologist/obstetrician known for generous giving and charity.

Neulander was originally from Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and later made Syracuse his home. According to his biography, he became an outstanding gynecologist/ob-gyn. His popularity led him to teach widely as well as write several books related to gynecology.

But his life took a dramatic turn when his wife Leslie, then 61 years old, was found murdered. Although initially considered accidental by authorities, investigators eventually concluded that her killer attempted to conceal their crime by covering up for it with false testimony and witness accounts.

Leslie was discovered dead from blunt force trauma to her head in their bedroom, with bloodstained headboard and shower curtain and piece of her skull found on their bedhead. Police later located blood-stained towel as well as her remains scattered around their bedroom floor.

A forensic report indicated that Leslie had been struck on both her back and neck, with part of her body crushed as a result. While Leslie’s husband claimed she accidentally slipped and fell while taking shower, evidence presented by prosecutors proved otherwise and indicated he killed Leslie with brutal force, staging her death as an apparent accident scene to mask his guilt.

After his trial ended, he was found guilty and given a 20 year sentence; however, due to juror misconduct during trial proceedings, the Court of Appeals granted a new trial lasting nearly a month long.

On Tuesday, Neulander’s attorney made an argument to Miller for his client to be allowed to leave the country on family trips. He advised Miller that they would submit a request taking Neulander to visit relatives in Maryland and New Jersey; should Miller deem such request reasonable he would consider accepting it.

Neulander, currently out on $1 Million bail, has been placed under GPS monitoring and surrendered his passport to Onondaga County court before leaving Onondaga County. Public events cannot be attended without court permission and his phone has been confiscated by police. 63-year-old Neulander maintains his innocence in this matter while his son plans on appealing the verdict; former doctor’s lawyers called top DA Bill Fitzpatrick a bully while threatening another appeal should he fail to drop charges against Neulander.

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